South Carolina Law Enforcement Officers' Foundation (SCLEOF)

Nearly 70 years ago, prominent law enforcement officers in South Carolina recognized the need to create a statewide law enforcement association that would be open to all criminal justice professionals. In response to this need, the South Carolina Law Enforcement Officers’ Association (SCLEOA) was created in 1941 with the common goal of advancing and enhancing the law enforcement profession in South Carolina.

Today, nearly 7,000 officers, representing every rank in municipal, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies, enjoy the valuable services and benefits provided by SCLEOA.  We strive to meet the needs of law enforcement professionals through line of duty death benefits, legal representation, legislative initiatives, training programs, communication, recreation, and networking opportunities.

While the SCLEOA does a tremendous job of serving the law enforcement community, the Board of Directors felt the need to train our members more effectively and give back to local communities around South Carolina.  So, in 1986 the South Carolina Law Enforcement Officers’ Foundation was created with the purpose of training and educating law enforcement officers. We also assist in educating the  public through a Scholarship Program. We are proud to of the fact that over $240,000 has been awarded in Scholarships since the Foundation’s inception. 

The SCLEOF also helps to provide SCLEOA members with a Line of Duty Death Benefit.  In the event that an officer is killed in the line of duty, the SCLEOA presents the officer’s family with a check for $12,000 within days of the incident. The SCLEOF helps make that presentation possible.